Stonegate Ministry Board of Directors

Left to Right, Back row: Peter Patterson, Pete Pynenburg, Horace Knight, Graeme Quigley, Gord Glanfield, John Gilmour, Sumitra Robertson.
Left to Right, Front row: Moira Grant, Helen Skippon, Sandra Niemy, Nancye Farkas.

Stonegate Ministry’s Board of Directors brings together representatives from partner churches to provide guidance and tangible plans for the Ministry’s programs, fundraising and other initiatives. Members’ areas of expertise range from business administration, human resources, financial management, labour relations, engineering and marketing to social work, public health, rehabilitation and education. Our directors’ reflections on their experiences with Stonegate Ministry demonstrate their commitment to supporting the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of Stonegate and south Etobicoke communities through their faith:

[My] first connection with Stonegate was volunteering with the Stonegate Outreach Store (Great Finds). [I] discovered the important role the store played for the Stonegate community, both as a place to purchase reasonably priced items and a place to obtain solace

I decided to join the Stonegate  Board because I saw an opportunity to share my knowledge and skills with an organization that does what Christians are called to do – help those in need.

I am excited about the ecumenical nature of Stonegate Ministry and how, collectively, we have created a Christian presence in the community well beyond what we could have hoped to achieve as individual congregations.

Having lived in the Stonegate community for more than ten years, I have what I call “a fondness for the neighborhood” and a heartfelt desire to see this community and its residents flourish. I am committed to the organization’s vision of working together in partnership with others to build a stronger, kinder and more just community in south Etobicoke. 

Over the years, I’ve been part of a team of two who interview candidates for Stonegate Ministry staff positions. I enjoy the interviewing process, the blessing when the ‘perfect’ candidate comes forth, and the joy of watching them flourish in the job. In addition, I love being part of the 8-member ‘Prayer for You’ team and meeting the variety of people who come for prayer. 

My decision to join Stonegate was in the hope of contributing to the Ministry’s work to improve the lives of the Stonegate Community. Witnessing clients frequent Great Finds and the Food Bank, seeing them benefit from the wonderful programs offered, and watching their families enjoying Summer Sizzler are heartwarming examples of Stonegate’s Christian work.

As Christians, we have a responsibility to help those in need around us. Stonegate Ministry is uniquely positioned to effectively care for to those in the community. It is also a ministry that is currently engaged in some very fresh and interesting endeavours, all designed to meet the needs of the people we serve.

Stonegate Ministry