Stonegate Ministry

Bridging Community and Service

Great Finds

Stonegate Ministry’s thrift store

Food Bank

A joint service of Stonegate Ministry and Christ Church St. James

God. Coffee and Me?

 Exploring the Bible in a local coffee shop.

Emotional and Spirtual Health Programs

Scripture-based workshops

Stonegate Ministry: Working together to build a stronger, kinder and more just community

Attention! Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic,
some of the Ministry's programs have shifted to online formats. Others have been temporarily suspended. For further information, please contact Samantha Coelho, our Ministry Program Director, or Jeannie Martinez, Great Finds Store Manager.

Stonegate Ministry is a Christian charity actively engaged in demonstrating God’s love by providing food, clothing, and household goods to people in the community, as well as offering encouragement and nurturing spiritual strength through our focused workshops, programs and prayer.

Our core values:

  • The well-being of the individual.

We will endeavor to treat each person with kindness and respect, and will strive to help those in need to get the basics of safety, food, and shelter, while providing spiritual and emotional support.

  • Building a healthy community.

We will actively work to reduce isolation and loneliness and provide opportunities to build healthy relationships.

  • Christian witness.

We will endeavor at all times to be a visible and articulate Christian witness to those around us.

  • Stewardship.

We are committed to effective use of our resources at every level of the organization while striving for excellence.